[a feel for languages] ... for everything that your look won’t express

For more than 30 years we have been gathering experience and knowledge, building a wide and reliable network of translators and interpretors who, over the years, have proven their qualities, and have been a guarantee of dependability and confidentiality, which are often priceless.

Translations to/from the Czech language

Translations sound natural and represent a reliable reflection of the original, both in terms of content and form, always attended to by responsible professionals with good overview and applicable experience in the given field.

CZK 350+ per page

Sworn translations

Fit for all situations where a translation with a “round stamp” is required. From official documents through million-dollar contracts to tender documentation or medical or court documents. 

CZK 500+ per page

Translations to/from other than the Czech language

The easiest and most straightforward way. Thanks to our years and years of co-operation with foreign translators, for example your translation from English to French can be easily handled by our French translator Paula living in Paris.

CZK 450+ per page

Consecutive interpreting

Doprovodné, konsekutivní, tlumočení na obchodních jednáních, na úřadech, v ČR i zahraničí, všude tam, kde je osobní kontakt mezi jednajícími stranami a kde časové podmínky umožňují tento typ tlumočení.

3.000 Kč ... 1/2 dne

Conference interpreting

The interpreter hides away in a booth, headphones on, but always in the picture, making everyone (with headphones) on top of whatever the speaker is saying. 

CZK 6.000+ per 4 hours

Simultaneous interpreting

Když je třeba co nejrychlejší sdělení obsahu. Od prezentací, školení, přes kongresy, televizní pořady, slavnostní ceremoniály, po jednání valných hromad, tele-videokonference.

4.500 Kč ... 1/2 dne

Text revisions, wording improvement

Correct grammar, polished style, engaging the reader, listener or viewer. This is what we can make sure your text, audio, and voiceover will be - short or novel-worthy. From claims and corporate communication to books and movies.

CZK 200+ per page

Copywriting, PR texts

Your idea materialised in the form of an original copy. From PR communication through annual reports and internal SOPs to full-scale corporate stylised language manuals.

CZK 500+ per hour

Audio/video production

The most recent addition is a 3D (and 2D, for that matter) filmmaking in-house capability, including subtitling, voiceovers and the lot, not only for advertising purposes.

Graphic design studio

Thanks to co-operating with our partner agency, our portfolio encompasses the core advertising and marketing stuff from full-scale graphic design, DTP, on-line necessities like web design, web hosting and administration, to printing and advertising production.

Print, publishing

We choose specific products we localize and present to the Czech audience.

Other service

Can't find the service you need? Do you need anything else? Ask here.